Stan Turkel

Stan is an accomplished photographer having served the Baltimore-Washington markets for over 30 years, in both commercial & event venues, and studied fine art photography at the Maryland Institute of Art.

He has published several books on photography and shoots stock photos for the Getty Museum of Art. His current series "The Beauty That Surrounds Us" is a look at small parks and landscapes that are minutes from our homes but often overlooked.​

Today, Stan has combined his years of travel and his passion for photography into workshops with a focus on travel and landscape photography. 

 Fine Art Photography is a perfect instrument, which allows me to communicate with the world and share my vision. It results from a deep sensitivity to my surroundings and a need to express feelings through an image, with a unique view of the surrounding reality.

Each of my photographs is an original captured on location. I use a digital palette to process and paint my images to obtain a spatial effect in addition to the emotions created by the choice of colors.

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